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[16/03/2008] Unrest in Labrang and eastern Tibet
The ongoing unrest in Lhasa has been the focus of the major international media
outlets in recent days. The current crisis in Tibet appears to be an unprecedented movement that has swept through many locations across the Tibetan regions of the People’s Republic of China (PRC), unsurprisingly raising strong concerns in Beijing. Labrang (Chin: Xiahe), for instance, one of the main centres in the traditional Tibetan province of Amdo, today part of the PRC’s Gansu Province, has emerged as one of the epicentres of the movement. On Saturday 15 March 2008, a protest rally took place in Labrang, carrying forward demonstrations which started the day before in apparent response to the protests in Lhasa. However, unlike in Lhasa on Friday, the Labrang protest was marked by political demands only, and did not result in ethnic clashes.
[22/12/2007] About bases
Tomislav Nikolic, candidate to the 2008 serbian presidential elections, asked for the implantation of a russian military base along the Drina river, backed by russian military. In the meanwhile, US army finalise negotiation for the construction of a base near Tantan (Morocco), following the failed discussions with Buteflika government on a possible implantation in Algeria deep south.
[05/09/2007] World trade: data
According to WTO statistics, world exports totalled 12 000 billions in 2006, registering a 2.2 fold increase since 1996. If China registered the most significant growth, Germany is the first export country (1100 billions), before USA (1040) and China. On the other end Africa, though registering a 30% growth, represents only 3% of total world merchandise trade value.
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"We shall have to deal with a closed political system, and none the lest that it will be of a worldwide scope. Every explosion of social forces, instead of being dissipated in a surrounding circuit of unknown space will be sharply re-echoed from the far side of the globe".

Halford MacKinder
The geographical pivot of history, 1904
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